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How to choose the right smart bathroom mirror for your home.


1. Folding mirror

The bathroom is a relatively private space, many people in the bathroom is not any taboo, want to see from head to toe, can better adjust their state, while the collapsible bathroom mirror can adjust the Angle of its own, can better observe their state from multiple angles, can match the space and different people's habits.

2. Dream Mirror

This bathroom mirror integrates the wash basin, storage cabinet and lighting in one, which can make the bathroom look more clean. The wash basin mainly comes in two sizes: single basin and double basin, which can improve the design quality regardless of the size of the bathroom space.

3. Functional mirror

This is a mirror with a magnifying glass function, can make the face better presentation, is the bathroom must choose, although it is fixed installation, but can be at any time to twist the Angle, no matter what height, you can find the right posture to look at the mirror.

4. Oval bathroom mirror

This type of bathroom mirror shape is more rounded, visually will give people a sense of elongated, let people look better when looking in the mirror; Of course, in addition to the quality of the mirror itself, will also be affected by psychological factors.