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          Heated Bathroom Mirror
          • Heated Bathroom MirrorHeated Bathroom Mirror

          Heated Bathroom Mirror

          The Amorho® Heated Bathroom Mirror is a very popular mirror of our brand, and its sales are also good.Heated Bathroom Mirror products are preferred by customers in a number of industries for two reasons: they are designed and manufactured to high quality standards, and they are reasonably price.

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          Product Description

          Bathroom mirrors are mainly divided into ordinary mirrors and anti-fog mirrors. Anti-fog mirrors are divided into coated anti-fog mirrors and electric heated bathroom mirrors. The former prevents the form of the fog layer through the micropores of the coating; the latter increases the humidity of the mirror surface through electric heating, and the fog evaporates quickly, so that the fog layer cannot be formed.

          The heating function of the Amorho® Heated Bathroom Mirror is mainly to remove the water mist on the mirror surface and achieve the anti-fog function. Heated bathroom mirrors have bathroom mirror electric heating film. Its main function is to remove the water mist on the mirror surface, and it also has the function of auxiliary heating in the bathroom. The effect is there. After it is turned on, it can quickly remove the water mist, so that the mirror can clearly see the things in front of the mirror even in the misty bathroom.

          Heated Bathroom Mirror Feature

          ● RGB Adjustable

          ● Tempered Shatterproof Glass

          ● Brightness Dimmable

          ● Anti-Fog

          ● Vertiacl & Horizontal

          ● Plug in/Hardwire

          ● Wall Support

          ● Memory

          ● Waterproof

          ● Intertek

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