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How to Clean a Bathroom Mirror


To clean your bathroom mirror in detail, you can follow these simple steps:

Prepare cleaning tools: You will need a scouring cloth or sponge, cleaning solution, and a towel or paper towel.

Pour the cleaning solution onto a scouring cloth or sponge, or spray the mirror with cleaning spray.

Start at the top of the mirror and wipe gently, working your way down the mirror to ensure full coverage.

Turn the sponge or scouring cloth with the clean side and continue wiping the mirror until there are no fine details or stains.

Use a clean towel or paper towel to gently wipe to remove any remaining cleaning solution.

If needed, you can shine a lamp or flashlight into the mirror to check for any remaining stains or spots.


Avoid pouring cleaning fluid or spray directly onto the mirror as excess liquid and spray can seep into the back of the mirror, causing stains and damaging the mirror;

Do not use hard rags or inappropriate cleaners as these may leave rough scratches or damage the mirror surface;

Cleaning your mirrors regularly will help maintain their appearance and performance and avoid diminishing their reflective capabilities.

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