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          Frameless Bathroom Mirror
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          Frameless Bathroom Mirror

          Amorho is a store of frameless bathroom mirrors. Here, we can customize Amorho® frameless bathroom mirrors according to the preferences of customers, and we can also choose mirrors suitable for bathrooms according to the decoration style.

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          Product Description

          Many bathroom mirrors in homes still use ordinary bathroom mirrors. Now the more popular smart frameless bathroom mirror appear in everyone's sight, but many people know too much about smart frameless bathroom mirrors. The following explains in detail the functions of the smart bathroom mirror and how to install the smart frameless bathroom mirror.

          Amorho® Frameless Bathroom Mirror Function

          ① Anti-fog, the smart frameless bathroom mirrors on the market basically have anti-fog function, which is also the difference between smart bathroom mirrors and ordinary bathroom mirrors. With the anti-fog function, you don’t need to wipe the mirror with a towel every time you take a shower to see clearly, allowing you to see yourself clearly. This is the Amorho® brand's best-selling LED smart frameless anti-fog bathroom mirror! The bathroom mirror of the Amorho® can be customized according to needs and functions. It can be customized according to one's own needs, which is very convenient for life.

          ② Waterproof. Generally, bathroom mirrors that only contain LED lights and touch switches are called smart bathroom mirrors. This type of bathroom mirror is also because of the internal switching power supply. Many people worry about dangers such as electric leakage, but there is no need to worry about it. This smart bathroom mirror is waterproof. If you are worried about its waterproofness, I will show you a simple and direct way, take a water glass and pour water on it.

          ③ Anti-rust treatment, Another advantage of this Amorho® smart bathroom mirror is that it is not easy to rust and has a longer service life. It also means that you don't have to replace the bathroom mirror as often because it won't rust.

          Amorho® Frameless Bathroom Mirror installation

          According to the frame specifications of the smart frameless bathroom mirror, cut corresponding holes on the wall and pay attention to the installation height-width ratio. Fix the embedded part to the hole in the wall, and there are installation parts in the package; then connect the power plug and the power cord, and the installation of the smart frameless bathroom mirror is completed.

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