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What are the advantages of RGB bathroom mirrors?


【Front Lights+ RGB Backlit+ Black Frame】- Updated Design of two built-in LED strips on the mirror with black metal frame. This Amorho® RGB Bathroom Mirror are bright enough for makeup or shave or beauty care. No dark, no shadow, super clear. There are 8 light modes for backlight (cold light, white light, warm light, colorful, pink, red, green, blue) and 3 light modes for front light (cold light, white light, warm light)

【Anti-Fog Mirror】- A clear mirror after shower is essential. Now, the RGB Bathroom Mirror is realizable by our anti- fog mirror. Simple click the defogging touch button on the mirror, and the defroster will work. A clear mirror will emerge.

【Super Bright & Dimmable】 Amorho RGB Bathroom Mirror vanity mirror has very bright quality LED lights. You can turn on the front and backlit at the same time, or use one of them alone, just like most other lighted mirrors on Amazon, but our colorful backlight will adds a nice glow and feel of luxury to your room.

【Front Light Switch】You can short press the middle button to change the color temperature among soft, natural, cool white and turn on/off the light. Long press to adjust the brightness of the light from 20% to100%.

【RGB Backlight Switch】 Short press the right button to change the color among colorful, cold white, light green, deep green, sky blue, red, blue. Long press to adjust the brigtness. If you like multiple colors cycle around the backside of the mirror, like a walking rainbow line, then you get!

【Simple Install and Powered by Plugin/ Wall Switch】- Mount the long bracket on the wall and hang the RGB Bathroom Mirror on it with a bracket on the back. You can use the plug for power or hardwire it to wall switch. It is better done by a professional electrician if you want to hardwire it. The indicator button is on in white and off in blue.

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