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How to use the bathroom mirror to avoid electric shock in bathroom use?


In daily life, we often attach great importance to safety issues, and we know a lot about the safety of electrical appliances, but sometimes we will get an electric shock if we are careless, especially when using the bathroom, which is often the hardest hit area. So how to safely and effectively prevent electric shock? First of all, let's understand the anti-shock mechanism of LED bathroom mirrors.

The scientific name of the LED in the LED bathroom mirror is called a light-emitting diode. Compared with the traditional lamp, the LED has many advantages, such as the safety we mentioned above.

The first is the light source in the LED bathroom mirror, which emits light through the LED light strip instead of the traditional electric light, and most of the products in the LED bathroom mirror also seal the LED light strip inside the mirror, which can be well avoided. Problems such as children touching traditional lamps out of curiosity and causing electric shock hazards occur.

At present, most of the problems of electric shock in the bathroom are caused by the socket in the bathroom. Many families put the light switch and the socket together when decorating, which makes it easy to touch the socket when switching the bathroom light with wet hands. cause electric shock. In the LED bathroom mirror, due to the separate structure of the power supply and the switch, the possibility of electric shock can be well avoided. And because the back panel on the back is fixed by multiple screws, it is difficult for children to touch the LED light strip inside the bathroom mirror.

Electric Mirror Bathroom Mirror

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