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What are the advantages of bathroom mirrors?


Bathroom mirrors for analysis and skin care functions; Through the camera can detect the skin, pointing out the distribution of wrinkles, dark circles, spots, pores and other skin problems; It can record the user's skin condition for a long time and compare before and after, so that users can intuitively feel the changes of facial skin by viewing historical photos; Based on the analysis of local weather conditions, users can be offered customized skin care programs; The type and state of facial skin problems can be analyzed by identifying facial skin problems with scans. Generally speaking, the bathroom mirrors can comprehensively assess and identify the problems of the user's skin, at the same time can provide the user with specific solutions and programs, and generate a map of possible trends of skin improvement, to help the user to care for the skin more scientifically and intuitively.

The bathroom mirrors can not only display weather, date, time and news, but also use apps such as wechat, videos, music and map navigation. For example, if you broadcast the weather of the day, you can provide suggestions for users to go out, prepare umbrellas and pay attention to sun protection. The air pollution index will be displayed and broadcast, and you can provide reasonable suggestions for users to wear clothes according to the weather conditions. For example, smart bathroom mirrors can provide users with any clear video and natural sounds they want to watch on the web while in the shower

The benefits of bathroom mirrors.

1. Display the time, you can know the time in the bathroom at any time, avoid being late for work.

2. Light adjustment, this function is that the bathroom does not need to turn on the bathroom light, we can turn on the bathroom mirror light, the bathroom mirrors light is 12v power LED light, saving electricity, practical.

3. Bluetooth mobile phone interconnection function. The advantage of this function is that after our mobile phone is connected to the bathroom mirrors, we can put down the mobile phone to play video, chat, wechat chat, etc. Greatly convenient to hold the water in the hand can not move the inconvenience of mobile phone.

4. Defogging function: After we take a bath in the bathroom, there will be a layer of fog on the mirror, so when we touch the button, the mirror will automatically clear the fog on the surface, thus preventing us from wiping the mirror with our hands or towels.

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